Why Entrepreneurs Get Bored And Stop Improving


Do you ever pursue new business ideas just to escape boredom?

You’re not alone in that. Once you succeed with an endeavor, a common misstep is to start looking for something new… not because it will bring more profit, but because it allows you to escape boredom.


… Because it allows you to effortlessly recapture the motivation you felt when first started. Why? Because trying to crack a new business model allows you to fall naturally into a flow state induced by a new challenge.

Look, I get it. It’s easier to follow the path of effortless motivation. But this is not for you. You will rise above average, and do something extraordinary.

In this week's micro-challenge video, we'll explore a concept you can use to instantly boost your own peak performance (and the performance of your team). We can reawaken flow states without hopping from one business idea to the next.

My goal is to accelerate you toward escape velocity, so you can escape the...

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The Power of Setting Intentions


As you bring your vision to life, I invite you to use a simple yet powerful strategy to ensure the seamless integration of new mindsets and intentions into your daily work.

We've all experienced those "aha" moments when we stumble upon a brilliant idea or a fresh perspective that could revolutionize our productivity. Yet, too often, these valuable insights slip through the cracks, forgotten amidst the chaos of our daily routines.

In this week's video, we unveil a simple technique that empowers you to bridge the gap between inspiration and implementation.

Remember, it's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about the practical application of that knowledge that yields transformative results. Embrace this strategy, and witness the remarkable impact it has on your productivity and success.

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Mastering Delegation: The Art of Prompting Humans


This week's productivity challenge is to get better at “prompting humans.”

Many business owners fall into the trap of thinking, "It's faster to just do it myself."

In this quick video, I share an iterative method to enhance your delegation skills, enabling you to achieve better results and reduce your personal workload.

This is the original prompt engineering skill, and probably still the most important one. So come think with me on this subject for a couple minutes. Let’s explore a “super prompt” to get more out of your team.

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Simplify to Amplify: How Reducing Complexity Increases Reliability


Here’s yet another reason why “more” is not always better.

In any system (your business included), each added component chips away at your system's reliability.

This week's productivity video dives into why "Complexity Reduces Reliability," a principle Elon Musk swears by.

If your product is a finely tuned watch, each additional gear may offer a new feature, but it also introduces another point of failure. By questioning each requirement and stripping away the non-essentials, you forge a more robust, faster, and reliable system—which makes it easier to scale.

Think about that for a moment. Then click here to watch the video and practice the art of simplification with me.

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Should You Promote From Within or Hire New Talent?


Here’s a common decision you’ll face when your business is growing fast and adding new roles to accommodate that growth. Is it better to promote from within or hire new talent for a new role?

It's an important decision that can significantly impact your team's efficiency. So today I’ll share a strategy that helps you make this decision while saving time and maintaining flexibility.

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Boost Your Focus: Overcome Decision Fatigue


Let’s talk about ‘Decision Fatigue,’ a subtle yet formidable foe of productivity.

Every choice drains your cognitive reservoir, impacting the quality of your subsequent decisions about where you allocate your time, energy, and attention.

In this week’s video, we’re unraveling a strategy to conquer this silent productivity assassin. I’ll share a quick, effective filter to decide which decisions truly warrant your full consideration, enabling you to bypass unnecessary analytical exertion so we can preserve your mental clarity.

It’s not about avoiding decisions, but about making them more intelligently and preserving your mental energy for where it really counts.

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The “Residual Cost” of Progress


Which is better, the immediate cash flow of an amazing new business opportunity, or a project that adds only half as much profit but with zero future mindshare requirements to maintain it?

In our relentless pursuit of quick wins, we often overlook the long-term time and mindshare costs of our projects and accomplishments.

By taking a moment to pause and reflect, you can better assess these hidden costs and make smarter, more sustainable decisions.

We want to balance total impact with sustainability, ensuring your accomplishments don’t come at the expense of your future success.

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Make Big Goals Less Overwhelming


Overwhelm is a word used often for entrepreneurs.

Plenty of coaches say they can eliminate your overwhelm, but what is their method?

It's time to build your productivity on the foundation of something I KNOW works. It's time to chunk down.

Listen in to the challenge to find out why this works for people. If you enjoy learning about how your mind works and general psychology, you will enjoy this episode.


Getting Things Done


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Invisible Task Switching Is Draining Your Productivity


Ever notice how much you get done on a plane or early in the morning before your team logs on? There's a reason for that.

This week's productivity micro challenge is to free yourself from the most common invisible drain on your ability to focus and get things done.

You already know that task switching kills productivity. But there’s an invisible form of task switching… something we couldn’t see even if we watched your actions on video.

In less than 4 minutes, I'll show you how to recognize and eliminate this insidious distractor so you can achieve more with each hour of focused effort.

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Increase Your Energy with Goals That Ignite You


This week, let's venture into one counterintuitive aspect of self-discipline. Our challenge isn't about doing more, but doing less—less of what drains your energy and doesn't resonate with your intuition.

Imagine your productivity as a bonfire, and each task you undertake as a piece of firewood. Not all wood burns equally; some will dampen your flames, others will ignite them.

Your goal is to fuel your productivity with tasks that truly inspire you, as these burn brighter and longer.

It's not about escaping necessary tasks, but instead aligning your endeavors with what truly resonates with you.

I challenge you to do the same. Discover your flame-igniting focus, embrace the discipline to say 'no' to the rest, and watch what happens to your productive output.

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