Boost Your Speed: The Power of Sprinting toward a Pause


Research shows that productivity spikes dramatically right before a break—why not harness this in your daily routine?

This week, we dive into a productivity strategy that leverages human psychology to maximize your efficiency.

We’ll review the benefits of scheduled breaks to keep your energy levels high and your mind sharp. We'll tackle the common pitfalls of endless to-do lists and procrastination by setting clear constraints that force effective task prioritization.

Join me in experimenting with this method over the next week, and observe the remarkable difference it makes in your workflow.

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Unlock Time Tomorrow with One Simple Question Today


How much would you pay for an A.I. software that could tell you the 20% of things to focus on today to achieve 80% of the meaningful progress you actually care about? If you have that tool, let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a question that serves the same purpose: "What can I do now that will save me time later?"

This isn't just about working smarter; it's a fundamental shift in how you prioritize your day.

This week’s challenge asks you to consider a few real-world applications of this question. Knowing productivity theory isn’t enough. So let’s identify actions that will yield tangible time savings (with a compounding effect on your future). Watch the quick video challenge and let's unlock those extra hours waiting for you in the future.

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2 Rules for Daily Decision Making


All productivity comes down to is decision-making.

Let's break that down in this week's challenge.

Decision management is more important than time management. And I have just two rules to help you make better decisions when it comes to how you use your energy, focus, and time.

In this video we'll explore:

The genius ideas of people I admire: Ivy Lee & Nir Eyal


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