The Trouble with Procrastivity (Productive Procrastination)


Are you ready for a truth bomb about your tendencies?

Your brain is getting satisfied when you take action. It feels good to check something off the old to-do list.

But your brain isn't always your best friend.

It's intentionally putting off tasks that are the most important because they take your energy and full effort. Procrastivity is a tricky game you play to avoid meaningful productivity, and it can be an even bigger issue for people dealing with ADHD.

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Five Reasons to Stop Putting off Your Decision

Here’s the thing about putting off your important decision…

Not deciding is a decision.

As long as you realize that, and you’re okay with that, then I guess you’re okay. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re making a wiser decision by repeatedly kicking the can a little farther down the road.

It’s kind of like what I tell people about relationships. “Your relationship is like a plant. It’s always either growing or dying. It’s never just staying the same.”

If you have dreams to chase, a better life to pursue, or things you need to make right, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll do it “someday.” Or else you’ll end up like the people interviewed by Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse who spoke with dying patients about their top regrets.

Want to know the number one regret of the dying that kept coming up over and over again?

Here it is:

“I wish I’d had the courage...

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