What's Stopping YOU From Getting What you Want?


I know the reason you aren't getting to where you want. It's one of nine possibilities.

Skill/Information - Do I have the skills and necessary information?

Belief - Do I even believe I can have this?

Fear - What if I try and I fail?

Money - Is it smart and secure to invest?

Well-being - Will my quality of life decline if I do this?

Motivation - Okay, I'm motivated for a bit on an idea...but then it always drops off.

Other people - Well my partner doesn't think it's a good idea.

Time - I can't get what I want, I don't have enough time!

In this challenge I want you to get crystal clear about what you know you should pursue, and what is keeping you from it.

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Unlock Time Tomorrow with One Simple Question Today


How much would you pay for an A.I. software that could tell you the 20% of things to focus on today to achieve 80% of the meaningful progress you actually care about? If you have that tool, let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a question that serves the same purpose: "What can I do now that will save me time later?"

This isn't just about working smarter; it's a fundamental shift in how you prioritize your day.

This week’s challenge asks you to consider a few real-world applications of this question. Knowing productivity theory isn’t enough. So let’s identify actions that will yield tangible time savings (with a compounding effect on your future). Watch the quick video challenge and let's unlock those extra hours waiting for you in the future.

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How to Budget Your Time

One simple secret for improving time management


I don’t use a budget for my personal finances. It takes up too much of my time. 

I use Mint.com to review all the expenses that posted across various bank statements and credit cards once per week. It takes about 10 minutes unless I spot a charge that doesn’t look right.

Things are different when it comes to budgeting my time. I spend 10 minutes per day reviewing my plans, energy level, mental attitude, stress, and accomplishments. Then I spend 30 minutes per week budgeting my time for the coming seven days. Once per quarter I reserve an entire day to plan the next quarter and make firm commitments for specific outcomes.

Why the difference?

It has to do with the magnitude of effect. If my wife and I get into a bad habit of spending too much money on frivolous expenses, it might set us back a few hundred dollars for a couple of months before I notice the trend and we self-correct. So the most I have to lose is a...

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Can’t See How to Make a Decision? You May Just Need a Break

Have you been mulling over some tough decisions?

Here’s the truth about decision making. It’s mentally exhausting.

And for many entrepreneurs, it’s the hundred little decisions that wear away our resolve and mental clarity.

Mental fatigue is real.

We need breaks to rest and recharge, yet studies show Americans in particular are notorious for not taking their much-needed breaks.

Around half of American workers feel they’re not able to take a proper lunch break. Almost half don’t take all of their vacation time, while there is a significant number that just don’t take vacations.

The problem is that, while we martyr ourselves on the altar of work, our productivity, our ability to make clear decisions, and our overall health and wellness suffer. Here’s why you may just need a break…

Get a great technique for a mental recharge here.

The Science Behind Taking Your Breaks

How many times have you felt fatigued, only to...

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