Build a Self-propelling Team


In this week's video, we delve into a mental framework for leadership decisions: the "Whoa, Not Giddy Up" hiring and retention strategy.

I want you to feel like a sports coach who doesn't need to urge their athletes to play – they're self-driven. That's the team you deserve.

I'll show you how to identify and foster such individuals, transforming your role from a constant motivator to a strategic director.

This shift not only enhances team productivity but also elevates your leadership effectiveness.

Click here to watch the video and start using this mental framework to improve team dynamics.

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Employee letting you down? Let’s diagnose the problem


In this week's productivity challenge, we're tackling a crucial leadership puzzle: how to get your team to actually succeed at the stuff you hired them for.

It's not just about delegation; it's about diagnosing the reason they keep letting you down.

I'll introduce a tool that acts like a magnifying glass, bringing into sharp focus the most impactful areas for coaching your employee.

This method is about precision and targeted development.

Let’s upgrade your team's productivity and align their efforts with your vision. Enhance your leadership toolkit here.

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