Even a Mild Scarcity Mindset is Bad for Your Productivity


Have you ever spent a lot of time and energy to save your business a small amount of money?

That’s an early warning sign of a scarcity mindset. If you want to play big, even a mild shift toward scarcity mindset can hold you back. And between mild, moderate and severe, can you guess which level of scarcity mindset is most common?

That’s right… it’s the mild version that’s barely noticeable. So today we’re enhancing your ability to spot the early signs of a mild scarcity mindset.

Let’s examine the psychology of scarcity and how it impacts your productivity. Then, you’ll be ready to identify your unique “canary in a coal mine” indicators and nip them in the bud.


 Resources Mentioned:

Eat That Frog 

Brie Sodano - Cash Confident

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Expand Your Optimism, Enhance Your Energy


This week, we tackle a simple truth: your optimism needs more space to grow.

When you plant a tree in a small pot; it can only expand so much. I'm challenging you to plant it in an open field instead.

Most of you are trying to nurture optimism within the confines of your personal experiences. Yet, the true power of optimism comes from looking beyond, to the wider world of positive inspiration.

By first shifting your focus outward, you'll uncover a wellspring of energy and creativity, making it easier to be optimistic about your own situation and goals. Join me in this week’s video to make this mental upgrade a part of your daily life.

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To Boost Productivity, Take a Rest


Like most entrepreneurs, you want to reach new heights and expand your capacity for what you can accomplish in a day.

It is really good to push yourself to the limit. But then you need recovery.

You have to reset with an adequate rest. Taking breaks will make you more productive.

Today we will figure out where to schedule your breaks so you can sprint toward your goals with increased stamina.

Resource Mentioned:

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The Cost of Refresh Checking in a Crypto Bull Run


We’re in a crypto bull run. Don’t make your business pay the price for all those gains.

This is your reminder not to fall prey to the hidden costs of the "expensive dopamine" hits from frequently checking price action on your investments.

Your focus is the most valuable currency in your productivity wallet. Every unnecessary refresh is a costly withdrawal that diverts your wealth of attention AWAY from building enduring cash-flow from your business.

Spend 3 minutes with me to review strategies for safeguarding your focus in today’s weekly challenge video. This is about more than discipline; it's about optimizing your cognitive resources for long-term success.

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Feeling Uncertain. Have You Ever Tried a Decision Tree?


When facing an important decision, you need a tool that guides you toward best-practice methods to gain clarity.

What factors are unknown? Which path has the highest risk given those unknowns? Which path has the greatest reward?

This week I’m sharing a powerful decision tool. It’s called a decision tree.

It will help you figure out your next steps with confidence, giving you a stronger sense of direction and determination.  

Resources Mentioned:

Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions

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The Productivity Hack for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Scattered Overwhelm


Want to accomplish more in less time? Then there’s no room for scattered confusion as you tackle your tasks and stretch across multiple roles in your company.

This week’s challenge will take 5 minutes to watch, then just 15 minutes to implement.

We are going to separate your tasks into two categories. I do it, the entrepreneurs I coach do it, my VA does it…and the benefits have been abundant.

If you try this challenge you will save time. You’ll also feel less scattered and more in control.

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The Subtle Art of Doing More by Working Less


Do you race to keep up with the constant stream of urgent tasks in your business?

Here's the strange truth about that. Operating at 100% capacity will hinder your progress.

By slowing down and operating at 90% capacity, you can train your brain to think more critically and strategically about your tasks, ultimately helping you to achieve more in the long run.

If this idea sounds counterintuitive, I encourage you to take this week's productivity challenge. I’ll show you why operating below your maximum capacity unlocks your true potential.

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Combat To-Do List Anxiety with This 3-Step Process

to do list management Feb 28, 2024

Let’s fight back against to-do list anxiety.

It's that relentless pressure of never-ending tasks, feeling like you're in an ocean of responsibilities, struggling to keep your head above water.

Today I’ll show you my 3-step process to feel in control again.

Watch now and use this simple method to boost your quality of life (and make you more efficient at the same time).

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High Risk Decision Strategy for Entrepreneurs


Life involves risk.

But entrepreneurs face bigger risks, and face them more often. When facing a decision where the risks are high, your decision fatigue sets in big time.

You slow down. You are stressed.

Today we are going to discuss how to alleviate the stress in your decision making, and ultimately alleviate the amount of risk as well.

Every choice you make has an expense. So how do you decide which costs are worth it? 

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Play Offense Against Anxiety: Transform Fear into Growth


Let’s talk about anxiety, because entrepreneurs face anxiety-inducing situations on a regular basis. And sharpening your skills for outmaneuvering anxiety will serve you well.

You can’t use willpower to fight anxiety. That’s like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. Anxiety resists our efforts to suppress it. It may sound odd, but one of the best ways to handle anxiety is to think bigger.

It’s a way to shift the playing field in your favor, activating a mentality shift that gives you the upper hand. It’s about shifting from a defensive stance against what you fear to an offensive strategy focused on what you desire.

This isn’t about ignoring the risks you face, but empowering yourself to face them with a confident smile and an ace up your sleeve.

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