Accelerate Your Progress with Mental Models


As your trusted peak productivity advisor, I'm excited to present this week's video challenge, which delves into a profound paradox that lies at the heart of productivity: the allure of novelty versus the power of time-tested strategies.

In our quest for success, we are naturally drawn to novelty—a craving for new ideas, cutting-edge techniques, and elusive secrets that set us apart from the crowd.

However, the most effective path to accelerating progress toward your goals lies in better execution of the mental models and strategies that have already been proven to work.

Let’s harness the wisdom of those who have paved the way before us.

Think about this concept with me for 5-minutes.

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Beat Procrastination And Unlock Speed with Artificial Constraints


We often find ourselves procrastinating on important tasks, distracted by the allure of novelty and curiosity-driven "want to do" endeavors.

Later, real deadlines inevitably trigger stress, forcing us into a reactive mode.

Artificial constraints offer a proactive solution. By intentionally imposing structured timeframes and boundaries on your work, you create motivation fueled by ambition rather than stress.

This empowers you to tackle your REAL priorities with focus and momentum, without the usual resistance or last-minute scramble. Here’s your challenge this week. Direct your energy purposefully, unlocking speed without the typical stress-induced rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

Watch the short video here to learn a few practical structures and methods for using artificial constraints.

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