Unlock Your Morning: Messages vs Milestones 🌅


The first 90 minutes of your day are like the rudder of a ship, guiding your course and influencing your destination. Should this crucial time be steered towards responding to team messages, or devoted to your long-term business objectives?

Are you naturally a 'first-responder', always on call, or a 'big-picture' navigator, setting the direction early on? Your entrepreneurial style holds the answer and the potential to maximize your productivity.

Don't be swayed by the tides of constant tasks and lose sight of your destination. This week's video will help you understand which approach suits your style and how to steer your first 90 minutes toward greater impact.

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The One Thing

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Beat Procrastination And Unlock Speed with Artificial Constraints


We often find ourselves procrastinating on important tasks, distracted by the allure of novelty and curiosity-driven "want to do" endeavors.

Later, real deadlines inevitably trigger stress, forcing us into a reactive mode.

Artificial constraints offer a proactive solution. By intentionally imposing structured timeframes and boundaries on your work, you create motivation fueled by ambition rather than stress.

This empowers you to tackle your REAL priorities with focus and momentum, without the usual resistance or last-minute scramble. Here’s your challenge this week. Direct your energy purposefully, unlocking speed without the typical stress-induced rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

Watch the short video here to learn a few practical structures and methods for using artificial constraints.

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The Cost of Refresh Checking in a Crypto Bull Run


We’re in a crypto bull run. Don’t make your business pay the price for all those gains.

This is your reminder not to fall prey to the hidden costs of the "expensive dopamine" hits from frequently checking price action on your investments.

Your focus is the most valuable currency in your productivity wallet. Every unnecessary refresh is a costly withdrawal that diverts your wealth of attention AWAY from building enduring cash-flow from your business.

Spend 3 minutes with me to review strategies for safeguarding your focus in today’s weekly challenge video. This is about more than discipline; it's about optimizing your cognitive resources for long-term success.

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Win the Focus Game: Time For A Distraction Diet


I wish you could swear off all distractions like you can swear off all desserts.

But we both know that won’t work.

Distractions are a part of our work diet – unavoidable, yet something we can manage.

This week's 5-minute video dives into the art of mastering focus in a world brimming with distractions.

We'll explore one-step strategies to cut back on distractions.

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Getting Distracted? Try “Reverse Containment”

How to Get More Done in Less Time by Giving Distractions a Place to Live


Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder where the time went?

That’s a normal experience for entrepreneurs, but then again, it’s also normal to go out of business within the first two years. You can do better than that.

Let’s fight back against the waves of distraction that try to wash away your progress every time you start making any headway. We’ll begin by using the power of foresight to build a barrier against the tides of distraction.

Start by thinking about your personal time as an asset you want to carefully invest. Some things you invest your time in will have a significant ROI. Others won’t. Your job is to get better at differentiating between the two. Here’s how.

Start with your business goals. Does your calendar reflect those goals?

For example, if you value the idea of hiring a business development manager to bring in new sales, where does that...

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