What's Stopping YOU From Getting What you Want?


I know the reason you aren't getting to where you want. It's one of nine possibilities.

Skill/Information - Do I have the skills and necessary information?

Belief - Do I even believe I can have this?

Fear - What if I try and I fail?

Money - Is it smart and secure to invest?

Well-being - Will my quality of life decline if I do this?

Motivation - Okay, I'm motivated for a bit on an idea...but then it always drops off.

Other people - Well my partner doesn't think it's a good idea.

Time - I can't get what I want, I don't have enough time!

In this challenge I want you to get crystal clear about what you know you should pursue, and what is keeping you from it.

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Engineer Your Environment for Success


I invite you to engineer your environment to support your goals. How can we structure your day to minimize reliance on willpower and maximize goal alignment?

Your daily routines are a part of the invisible framework for your success. How can we naturally steer you towards your objectives? How can we make your goals an integral part of your daily landscape?

Embrace structure.

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Drive Forward on Your Goals: Even When Uncertain


If you've driven through dense fog before you know the unsettling feeling.

What lies ahead? How will you know where to go?

When it comes to your business goals, you are NOT lost. Even if you can't see much ahead of you.

Your current bottleneck is a hefty question mark, so let's solve it.

Resources Mentioned:

Rigging the Game: How to Achieve Financial Certainty, Navigate Risk and Make Money on Your Own Terms

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Navigate the Motivation Maze: Zoom In, Zoom Out

sustained motivation Nov 30, 2023

In this week’s video, we confront a common yet challenging aspect of the entrepreneurial journey: fluctuating motivation.

The motivation equation looks like this: [Something you desire] x [belief it’s attainable] = strength of motivation

If either of those psychological factors is missing, your motivation will plummet.

Let’s take 5-minutes to review practical strategies for maintaining motivation, even when faced with setbacks or overwhelming projects.

Discover the key to sustained motivation here.

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We are NOT Going to Talk About Increasing Your Motivation


If you use up your motivation, it's gone. The gas tank is empty, depleted.

No. Willpower isn't like running out of gas. Willpower is more like an emotion. We don't run out of fear, joy, anger, love...but they do ebb and flow.

I challenge you to THINK about how you're THINKING. We can reframe your perspective so that you don't need to increase or muster up motivation with extreme effort.

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Unlock Time Tomorrow with One Simple Question Today


How much would you pay for an A.I. software that could tell you the 20% of things to focus on today to achieve 80% of the meaningful progress you actually care about? If you have that tool, let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a question that serves the same purpose: "What can I do now that will save me time later?"

This isn't just about working smarter; it's a fundamental shift in how you prioritize your day.

This week’s challenge asks you to consider a few real-world applications of this question. Knowing productivity theory isn’t enough. So let’s identify actions that will yield tangible time savings (with a compounding effect on your future). Watch the quick video challenge and let's unlock those extra hours waiting for you in the future.

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Get Rid of This TOXIC Productivity Trait


There are likely two sides of you in a battle.

Each persona at the opposing end of a tug-of-war rope.

You're an entrepreneur, ideally you would relax when you'd like to relax. Spend time with loved ones often. Take a trip, sit on the beach.

The other side of you has immense pressure to get things done. Big, defined goals that you need to get through. The internal tension you feel is NOT necessary.

In this week's challenge let's focus on your quality of life. The secret is keeping your intentions high, but your attachment low. Listen in.

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My Next-Level State Management Secret


We've all had that 3pm slump or morning haze where we reach for the quick fix - perhaps a cup of coffee.

But what if I told you there's a method, more akin to gently tending a garden, that yields profound, lasting benefits?

This week's video dives into the world of priming for state management. Unlike the fleeting jolt from caffeine, priming your subconscious offers short-term state shifts with powerful cumulative effects over time.

If you're aiming to redefine your default way of being and want sustainable changes, this is a method you can't miss.

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Is Meditation Essential for Entrepreneurs?


So many of us know the benefits of meditation.

At least the basic, physical-level advantages.

Before you go forward on the rest of your week, I'd like you to listen in to why I truly recommend meditation for entrepreneurs. It's not just your physical or mental health (although that's extremely important too.)

It's a new way a living. A release from attachment to goals. To experience your life in the fullest, in the present.

Wake up the part of you who has less fear, less worry, more patience, and more happiness.

Strengthen your Observer.

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The Trade-off: When You Should Waste Money to Save Time


Our instinct is to conserve (money, time, manpower). You’ve been taught that mindset since preschool.

And it makes you blind.

In our pursuit to conserve, we overlook the value of deliberate 'waste'.

Think of it like pruning a fruit tree. We remove some branches, seemingly 'wasting' them, but in doing so, we make way for the tree to grow stronger and bear more fruit.

This video explores this very concept in the realm of productivity. Unearth the areas you might be inadvertently stunting your own growth, and discover how a little intentional 'waste' can boost your speed and execution.

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