How you can actually get results

big goals boredom willpower Sep 18, 2023

Not getting the results you want?

You might just be bored. And boredom is tough.

But let's diagnosis why the enthusiasm for your original entrepreneurial dream started to decline.

It's because your task list is disconnected from your core values. It's because your current environment is not relevant to your true goals.

In this week's challenge, we will discuss building the bridge between to-do's and the dream. Decide. Believe. Connect.

There's a great (free) resource brought to you by someone I highly regard and mention in the video.

You can catch Day 1 of the Dan Nicholson "7 Days of Certainty" here:

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Molded for Success


A river doesn’t use willpower to flow through the landscape. It just glides downhill effortlessly.

Just like that river, your focus can flow in the right directions when your environment is molded for success. This week's video challenges you to re-engineer your surroundings.

Instead of solely relying on willpower, make your environment pull out the most productive version of you.

Think of it as creating a riverbed for your daily energy, directing it where you most want it to flow.

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Strengthen Your Willpower & Be Mentally Tough

#motivation willpower Aug 02, 2023

Even the accomplished farsighted entrepreneur can find themselves in a moment of depleted willpower.

You don't feel like doing anything. But at the same time you know your action is required to get to your goals.

How do you flex your self-control muscle? How can you take the plunge when motivation isn't there? You can develop this skill and act before you FEEL like it.

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