The Energy Paradox: When More Drive Leads to Less Progress


This week's video tackles a commonly overlooked productivity pitfall: the mismanagement of high-energy states.

When your energy surges, you’re more likely to do non-essential, exploratory tasks. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by day's end, when your energy begins to drop and your essential tasks have been mostly ignored.

You didn’t set out with that intention, so what happened?

That’s what today’s productivity micro-challenge is about. Give me 5 minutes to save you hours of wasted energy this week.

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Molded for Success


A river doesn’t use willpower to flow through the landscape. It just glides downhill effortlessly.

Just like that river, your focus can flow in the right directions when your environment is molded for success. This week's video challenges you to re-engineer your surroundings.

Instead of solely relying on willpower, make your environment pull out the most productive version of you.

Think of it as creating a riverbed for your daily energy, directing it where you most want it to flow.

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Suppressing Emotion Saps Your Brain Power


This week, we dive into the energy-sucking quicksand of suppressed emotions. Think of it as a leaking pipe in your hydraulic power supply, slowly draining your mental horsepower and charisma.

But, there's a remedy: Reappraisal, our brain's own Swiss Army Knife. 

It's not about denying your feelings but masterfully reframing situations, debunking faulty assumptions. Building this small cognitive habit will impact your mental horsepower, and that's what our video is about today.

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