Store Up Your Genius


Want to refine your systems to get more done fast?

Then you need to install a method I call “Storing up your genius.”

Your best ideas don’t come to you all at once. It’s a process, always learning and refining. That’s why you need to capture your best insights over time. This is important for all types of entrepreneurs, even creatives.

You may think a template isn’t needed if you’re working in a creative space. But let me explain why you should use one.

Resources Mentioned:

Checklist Manifesto  

Screen recording software



SOP Software:


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Checklists Make You Smarter and Faster

Checklists are not just for uber-organized people.

Rather, they are tools to dramatically increase your speed.

There’s something satisfying about checking off the items on a checklist. Beyond the sheer satisfaction though, what if using checklists could actually make you smarter and more productive?

Smarter and faster? Here’s how that works:

Free download: How to create your own useful checklists.

Checklists reduce mistakes

One of the common uses of checklists in workplace situations is for complex tasks. In his book The Checklist Manifesto, author and surgeon Atul Gawande explores the use of checklists in daily and professional life.

He points out that even the most basic mistakes can have a cumulative effect, leading to something more serious later on. And that’s one of the reasons airline pilots rely on checklists before every single flight.

It doesn’t matter if an airline pilot has flown the same route in the same aircraft hundreds of times, they...

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