Invisible Task Switching Is Draining Your Productivity


Ever notice how much you get done on a plane or early in the morning before your team logs on? There's a reason for that.

This week's productivity micro challenge is to free yourself from the most common invisible drain on your ability to focus and get things done.

You already know that task switching kills productivity. But there’s an invisible form of task switching… something we couldn’t see even if we watched your actions on video.

In less than 4 minutes, I'll show you how to recognize and eliminate this insidious distractor so you can achieve more with each hour of focused effort.

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How Your Beliefs Impact Testosterone


This week's video describes the results of a 2018 study conducted at the University of Cambridge about boosting testosterone levels.

It’s a method that can create a 5% boost in testosterone within minutes, no supplements needed.

It has to do with changing what you pay attention to and what you believe about yourself.

Your attention acts like a lens—adjust its focus, and you can change your inner reality in ways that change your outer reality.

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Get more out of yourself with all-or-nothing decision making

boundaries focus timeboxing Jan 24, 2024

You might be thinking, as an entrepreneur it’s impossible to set hard boundaries to focus on your needle-moving projects.

What if a client needs you? What if your employee has a pressing question?

It’s time to make an all-or-nothing decision.

You can make a rule, and people can wait while you get your most important work done.

You will get more done in less time. I’ll tell you how.

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