Why are feedback loops so powerful?


Productivity is all about how you place your bets. Where can I get the best results from my time, my hires, my focus? These are all bets.

But don’t worry, this game isn’t a crapshoot.

As you choose where to place your bets, you can develop the skill by giving yourself feedback at the end of each workday. And it only takes 30 seconds.

Here’s the method used by entrepreneurs who want to bend the odds in their favor.

Resources Mentioned:

Indistractable - Nir Eyal

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Employee letting you down? Let’s diagnose the problem


In this week's productivity challenge, we're tackling a crucial leadership puzzle: how to get your team to actually succeed at the stuff you hired them for.

It's not just about delegation; it's about diagnosing the reason they keep letting you down.

I'll introduce a tool that acts like a magnifying glass, bringing into sharp focus the most impactful areas for coaching your employee.

This method is about precision and targeted development.

Let’s upgrade your team's productivity and align their efforts with your vision. Enhance your leadership toolkit here.

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Store Up Your Genius


Want to refine your systems to get more done fast?

Then you need to install a method I call “Storing up your genius.”

Your best ideas don’t come to you all at once. It’s a process, always learning and refining. That’s why you need to capture your best insights over time. This is important for all types of entrepreneurs, even creatives.

You may think a template isn’t needed if you’re working in a creative space. But let me explain why you should use one.

Resources Mentioned:

Checklist Manifesto  

Screen recording software



SOP Software:



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Win the Focus Game: Time For A Distraction Diet


I wish you could swear off all distractions like you can swear off all desserts.

But we both know that won’t work.

Distractions are a part of our work diet – unavoidable, yet something we can manage.

This week's 5-minute video dives into the art of mastering focus in a world brimming with distractions.

We'll explore one-step strategies to cut back on distractions.

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Don't Make a New Year's Resolution


Ok, here’s the problem…

A New Year’s resolution is just a statement of intent.

What’s missing? It’s missing a system to ensure follow through.

Here’s a solution that works for solopreneurs and big companies like Google (where it’s still in use today). It’s a system for turning big goals into daily execution.

Resources Mentioned:

Measure What Matters

Effic Planner 

OKR Summary Article



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Low Motivation? Break Past “The Wall”


Let’s talk about breaking past “the wall.”

I’m talking about those moments when you need a boost of motivation and willpower to get through your most important tasks.

Marathon runners face 'the wall' - that critical point of exhaustion when glycogen stores are depleted. To an untrained athlete, it feels like you could not possibly go on.

But if they push through, they experience a second wind as the body transitions over to burning fat instead of glycogen. You, as an entrepreneur, face a similar 'wall' in monotonous or unrewarding tasks.

Today, I'll share a transformative story of a client who realized that mental barriers are often just a mirage. By learning to break through his 'productivity wall' he tapped into hidden reservoirs of focus and energy.

When you hit your wall, step into the discomfort on purpose. Treat this like an experiment and let’s observe the results.

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The Two Pillars of Productivity

eliminate outsourcing Dec 27, 2023

Can you produce bigger results by doing less?

Yes. As long as you master the two pillars of productivity:

Subtraction & Leverage. Find out how it works. 

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The Energy Paradox: When More Drive Leads to Less Progress


This week's video tackles a commonly overlooked productivity pitfall: the mismanagement of high-energy states.

When your energy surges, you’re more likely to do non-essential, exploratory tasks. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by day's end, when your energy begins to drop and your essential tasks have been mostly ignored.

You didn’t set out with that intention, so what happened?

That’s what today’s productivity micro-challenge is about. Give me 5 minutes to save you hours of wasted energy this week.

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4 Simple Habits to Improve Your Life


Do you use peak performance habits?

You try, right? But you’re rarely perfect.

That’s why it’s important to identify the foundational habits that have the biggest impact. I’m talking about the 80/20 habits. The few you should never skip.

Let’s review four key habits that lead to big improvements for me and my clients.

Resources Mentioned in This Video:

Dr. Snyder’s Daily Startup Sequence

Ari Meisel “Less Doing”

Want to build a self-sustaining team so you can stop spending your day putting out fires and add 6-7 figures to your annual earnings? Read about my new group here.

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Apex Strategies: Balancing Risk and Reward in Business


Today we challenge the false dichotomy of 'playing to win' versus 'playing to avoid losing.'

Don’t let motivational platitudes obscure the most critical business question: "How can I both minimize downside risk and maximize upside gain?"

Discover the strategy that does not compromise between aggression and defense but synergizes them to propel you down a calculated path toward your apex.

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