An Emergency Kit for Entrepreneurs


Do you ever feel overwhelmed and rushed?

This often leads to a scattered and stressed response, which is not good for your productivity.

This week's productivity challenge is to create a plan ahead of time for days like that.

This way, you can stay on track with your goals even on days when you’re getting pulled in ten different directions at once.

Watch this short video to hear my thoughts on how to create a plan in advance so you can stay focused and productive, even on your busiest days.


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Why Slacking off Is the Ultimate Peak Performance Hack for Entrepreneurs

When You Think for a Living, Less is More 

Here’s the thing most entrepreneurs don’t realize. When you live life at the extreme edge of your capacity, you significantly damage your creativity, drive, and productivity. 

Existing at the limit of your capacity creates stress. Stress causes you to think small and play small in an effort to conserve energy, protect against failure, and hunker down just to survive. 

You can and should use controlled sprints to expand your capacity to get things done. Just don’t let it become a marathon. If you try to constantly operate at full capacity, your mind automatically and subconsciously puts on the brakes, holding you back from your true potential. 

Fortunately, there’s an antidote, and I’m going to explain that in a moment. But first I want to ensure you understand the problem. ...

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