The Unacceptable Productivity Challenge

productivity habits Oct 05, 2023

This week’s challenge is about using psychological leverage on yourself.

Specifically, disgust. We’re identifying ONE productivity improvement you refuse to skip, forget, or let slide from this day forward.

A hundred good intentions can be overwhelming, and inertia is often the result. So, let's zero in on just ONE unacceptable productivity disruptor and conquer it today!

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The Secret to Turn Ideas Into Cash


Ideas don't generate cash.

Can you think of some great ideas you've had that never came to fruition?

I have an important tip to get an "idea" to generate revenue.

And once you get that first idea across the finish line, you can unlock cash flow to achieve even more goals.

Clear goals, full thoughts, can't lose.

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The Hiring Dilemma: Buy Time or Buy Speed?


This week's video grapples with a question every entrepreneur eventually faces: When you're hiring, should you buy back your own time or ramp up business growth? 

It's a nuanced dilemma—like choosing between upgrading the engine versus the handling in a race car.

Both are essential, but which one needs your attention first? If you're revved up and ready to shift your business into the next gear, you won't want to miss this week’s insights.

The answer may surprise you, and it'll certainly make you think before you make your next hiring decision.

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How you can actually get results

big goals boredom willpower Sep 18, 2023

Not getting the results you want?

You might just be bored. And boredom is tough.

But let's diagnosis why the enthusiasm for your original entrepreneurial dream started to decline.

It's because your task list is disconnected from your core values. It's because your current environment is not relevant to your true goals.

In this week's challenge, we will discuss building the bridge between to-do's and the dream. Decide. Believe. Connect.

There's a great (free) resource brought to you by someone I highly regard and mention in the video.

You can catch Day 1 of the Dan Nicholson "7 Days of Certainty" here:

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I Love What I Do


By adopting the mentality that you genuinely love what you do at the onset of your day, you not only elevate your mood but supercharge your energy reservoirs.

Think of it as flipping on a switch in your mind to turn on your enthusiasm for the work you were about to do anyway.

Participate in this week's productivity micro-challenge, and witness a transformation that takes less time than tying your shoelaces. Watch it here.

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How to Get Work Done When Things Go Wrong


I was traveling when I recorded this.

And I forgot my computer power cord. It got me thinking about things that typically go wrong in my work life.

As much as I have refined my own productivity methods to work effectively, I'm still forgetful!

This is when I coach myself and you at the same time. What could go wrong? How am I going to prepare for it? And how are you going to? 

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Molded for Success


A river doesn’t use willpower to flow through the landscape. It just glides downhill effortlessly.

Just like that river, your focus can flow in the right directions when your environment is molded for success. This week's video challenges you to re-engineer your surroundings.

Instead of solely relying on willpower, make your environment pull out the most productive version of you.

Think of it as creating a riverbed for your daily energy, directing it where you most want it to flow.

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2 Rules for Daily Decision Making


All productivity comes down to is decision-making.

Let's break that down in this week's challenge.

Decision management is more important than time management. And I have just two rules to help you make better decisions when it comes to how you use your energy, focus, and time.

In this video we'll explore:

The genius ideas of people I admire: Ivy Lee & Nir Eyal 


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Strengthen Your Willpower & Be Mentally Tough

#motivation willpower Aug 02, 2023

Even the accomplished farsighted entrepreneur can find themselves in a moment of depleted willpower.

You don't feel like doing anything. But at the same time you know your action is required to get to your goals.

How do you flex your self-control muscle? How can you take the plunge when motivation isn't there? You can develop this skill and act before you FEEL like it.

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Suppressing Emotion Saps Your Brain Power


This week, we dive into the energy-sucking quicksand of suppressed emotions. Think of it as a leaking pipe in your hydraulic power supply, slowly draining your mental horsepower and charisma.

But, there's a remedy: Reappraisal, our brain's own Swiss Army Knife. 

It's not about denying your feelings but masterfully reframing situations, debunking faulty assumptions. Building this small cognitive habit will impact your mental horsepower, and that's what our video is about today.

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