Make better decisions with rapid feedback loops


Do you want to upgrade your decision making skills?

Then it's time to shorten your feedback loop!

Why? Because we don’t learn from our experiences. We learn from reflecting on our experiences. By watching this week's challenge, you'll discover how to create a feedback system that will refine your business insights.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay at the top of your game and achieve your goals faster. Slow down to make a feedback system and you will have greater awareness of what is working, and what is not.

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Michio Kaku 

Chip & Dan Heath

One Line a Day

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How Your Beliefs Impact Testosterone


This week's video describes the results of a 2018 study conducted at the University of Cambridge about boosting testosterone levels.

It’s a method that can create a 5% boost in testosterone within minutes, no supplements needed.

It has to do with changing what you pay attention to and what you believe about yourself.

Your attention acts like a lens—adjust its focus, and you can change your inner reality in ways that change your outer reality.

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Remove emotion to get more done


Wall Street traders who are "unemotional" make more money. So what does that mean for your productivity?

You can get more done if you learn to ignore your emotions when deciding where to focus next.

Want to end your day satisfied that you focused on the stuff that matters? Watch this week’s challenge.

Resources Mentioned:

Nir Eyal - Indistractable

Temporal Discounting


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Master the “Hierarchy of Productivity Needs” for Entrepreneurs


There are so many ways to improve productivity. How do you know where to start?

Think of it like a pyramid. At its base are your fundamental needs for productivity - the equivalent of Maslow's physical safety needs.

As we ascend, each level represents a more refined aspect of productivity, culminating in the pinnacle of entrepreneurial strategy.

Let’s pinpoint where you are on this hierarchy right now… and see what it would take to ascend to the next level.

This short video shares a bird’s eye view to make it easier for you to see what currently fuels your productivity engine.

Ready to climb this pyramid and see the view from the top?

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An Emergency Kit for Entrepreneurs


Do you ever feel overwhelmed and rushed?

This often leads to a scattered and stressed response, which is not good for your productivity.

This week's productivity challenge is to create a plan ahead of time for days like that.

This way, you can stay on track with your goals even on days when you’re getting pulled in ten different directions at once.

Watch this short video to hear my thoughts on how to create a plan in advance so you can stay focused and productive, even on your busiest days.


Resources Mentioned:

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Success Strategy: Make Wellbeing Your #1 Goal


We chase success believing it will bring happiness, but what if we reverse the equation?

Your wellbeing is the soil from which the seeds of your goals will grow.

When the soil is rich and nourished, goals tend to flourish effortlessly.

Let’s examine a few practical strategies to enrich the soil where your dreams grow.

Let’s tame worry and frustration to enhance your overall success potential and quality of life.

Can you spare a couple minutes to ensure your journey towards success is as fulfilling as the destination itself?

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The Surprising 1-2 Punch for Success

goal achievement kpi okr Jan 31, 2024

If you’re not getting a total KO on your goals, it could be because you’re missing a simple research-backed formula.

#1: Monitor your goals frequently

#2: Think about what you love

I want you to use this one-two punch to make faster progress on your goals.

Today I want to explain why this combo works. Let me show you how it can lower stress and increase focused action.

Resources Mentioned:

Benjamin Harkin, PhD

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Build a Self-propelling Team


In this week's video, we delve into a mental framework for leadership decisions: the "Whoa, Not Giddy Up" hiring and retention strategy.

I want you to feel like a sports coach who doesn't need to urge their athletes to play – they're self-driven. That's the team you deserve.

I'll show you how to identify and foster such individuals, transforming your role from a constant motivator to a strategic director.

This shift not only enhances team productivity but also elevates your leadership effectiveness.

Click here to watch the video and start using this mental framework to improve team dynamics.

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Get more out of yourself with all-or-nothing decision making

boundaries focus timeboxing Jan 24, 2024

You might be thinking, as an entrepreneur it’s impossible to set hard boundaries to focus on your needle-moving projects.

What if a client needs you? What if your employee has a pressing question?

It’s time to make an all-or-nothing decision.

You can make a rule, and people can wait while you get your most important work done.

You will get more done in less time. I’ll tell you how.

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Wait, Leveling Down Can Skyrocket Your Success?


Look, I understand the instinct that makes you want to level up all the time.

But today we’re killing sacred cows. Let’s talk about leveling down to accelerate success. It's about strategically choosing battles where you can shine brightest, rather than getting lost in a more competitive arena.

Sometimes, the path to rapid growth and achievement isn't in stretching to reach the next rung but in dominating the space you're already in. This approach can lead to quicker wins, greater visibility, and unexpected opportunities for growth.

In just 5 minutes, I'll guide you through this paradigm shift, suggesting ways to amplify the results you get in any area of life. Watch this week’s micro-productivity challenge here.

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