Sidestep the Hidden Trap in Optimism


I'm sure you've heard people say, "Optimism is the key to success." But what if I told you this mindset might be setting you up for failure? This week, we're diving into the intriguing concept known as the Stockdale Paradox.

Watch this week's video to gain a nuanced perspective on optimism that could redefine your productivity strategy.

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Expand Your Optimism, Enhance Your Energy


This week, we tackle a simple truth: your optimism needs more space to grow.

When you plant a tree in a small pot; it can only expand so much. I'm challenging you to plant it in an open field instead.

Most of you are trying to nurture optimism within the confines of your personal experiences. Yet, the true power of optimism comes from looking beyond, to the wider world of positive inspiration.

By first shifting your focus outward, you'll uncover a wellspring of energy and creativity, making it easier to be optimistic about your own situation and goals. Join me in this week’s video to make this mental upgrade a part of your daily life.

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Easy Motivation Hack: The Power of Structural Tension


You are standing at the beach next to a small hole in the sand that has gathered water.

With a swipe of your hand, you carve a path in the sand, leading away from the hole. With no further effort, the water flows down the path you’ve carved, eager to fill the void.

This week's video is about precisely that: Robert Fritz's concept, "The Path of Least Resistance".

Like the water, your motivation flows naturally. It flows along the path of least resistance, created by the structures that exist within your mind.

With a clear path toward your goals, you create a compelling channel for your efforts, swiftly connecting where you are to where you want to be. Use this simple concept to streamline your efforts and fuel your motivation.

Use it to bridge the gap between where you are and where you aim to be.

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I Love What I Do


By adopting the mentality that you genuinely love what you do at the onset of your day, you not only elevate your mood but supercharge your energy reservoirs.

Think of it as flipping on a switch in your mind to turn on your enthusiasm for the work you were about to do anyway.

Participate in this week's productivity micro-challenge, and witness a transformation that takes less time than tying your shoelaces. Watch it here.

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Feeling "Stuck"? Why You Need to Examine Your Values

clarification stuck values Jan 20, 2019

Have you ever reached a point where you just feel “stuck”?

It doesn’t matter what you do or how your frame it, things that used to excite you just don’t spin your wheels anymore. Perhaps you feel like you’ve reached a sort of crossroads.

What if I told you that you may be experiencing a clash with your personal values? This is very common - perhaps you’re working in a job that doesn’t fulfill your values, or maybe your values have changed over time.

When you just can’t muster the energy and enthusiasm you once had, when you’re missing the joy certain things once held, it’s important to stop and evaluate. Sometimes the feelings you get can be associated with depression or anxiety. On the other hand, sometimes feeling stuck can be a trigger for depression too. Evaluate carefully and always seek help where needed.

Here’s why values matter when it comes to feeling fulfilled:

Download my exercise to help uncover your...

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