Expand Your Optimism, Enhance Your Energy


This week, we tackle a simple truth: your optimism needs more space to grow.

When you plant a tree in a small pot; it can only expand so much. I'm challenging you to plant it in an open field instead.

Most of you are trying to nurture optimism within the confines of your personal experiences. Yet, the true power of optimism comes from looking beyond, to the wider world of positive inspiration.

By first shifting your focus outward, you'll uncover a wellspring of energy and creativity, making it easier to be optimistic about your own situation and goals. Join me in this week’s video to make this mental upgrade a part of your daily life.

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My Next-Level State Management Secret


We've all had that 3pm slump or morning haze where we reach for the quick fix - perhaps a cup of coffee.

But what if I told you there's a method, more akin to gently tending a garden, that yields profound, lasting benefits?

This week's video dives into the world of priming for state management. Unlike the fleeting jolt from caffeine, priming your subconscious offers short-term state shifts with powerful cumulative effects over time.

If you're aiming to redefine your default way of being and want sustainable changes, this is a method you can't miss.

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5 Instant Motivation Hacks

Jump-Start Your Brain’s Natural Drive With “Certainty-Circuits”

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish in life, one universal principle can help you succeed. I’m talking about the power of absolute certainty.

Moving from a state of uncertainty to a state of certainty is like magic. And whether you’ve recognized it or not, I’m sure you’ve felt it before.

Here’s what it feels like…

You’re at the beach, standing at the edge of the surf, dipping your toe to see how cold the ocean feels. You came here to swim, get some exercise, and let your kids play around in the ocean.

But now you feel sleepy, not much like exercising. And the ocean feels colder than you expected. Then something catches your eye.

It’s a flash of color floating 30 yards out in the waves. You realize it’s the back of your son’s swimsuit. He’s face down, bobbing aimlessly in the waves. He appears to be unconscious.


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The 5-minute Trick for Boosting Productivity All Day Long

A lot of productivity comes down to state management.

It sounds goofy, but if I’m ever really struggling, I may stop work for 5 minutes to watch a few fight scenes from my favorite action movie, The Bourne Identity. That’s state management.

If you’re a Tony Robbins fan, you may know he jumps on a trampoline while shouting affirmations to himself for a few minutes before he rushes on stage to greet the crowd. That’s state management.

If I’m feeling sleepy before hopping on a coaching call, I’ll do 50 push-ups, or step outside for two minutes without a coat during the winter. That’s state management.

Thinking can only take you so far. Sometimes you need to change your state first and then the right kind of thoughts begin to emerge with less struggle.

Before I learned this truth of human nature, I used to try to fight drowsiness by thinking my way out of it. I’d be driving during the midafternoon slump, my wife asleep in the passenger...

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