Easy Motivation Hack: The Power of Structural Tension


You are standing at the beach next to a small hole in the sand that has gathered water.

With a swipe of your hand, you carve a path in the sand, leading away from the hole. With no further effort, the water flows down the path you’ve carved, eager to fill the void.

This week's video is about precisely that: Robert Fritz's concept, "The Path of Least Resistance".

Like the water, your motivation flows naturally. It flows along the path of least resistance, created by the structures that exist within your mind.

With a clear path toward your goals, you create a compelling channel for your efforts, swiftly connecting where you are to where you want to be. Use this simple concept to streamline your efforts and fuel your motivation.

Use it to bridge the gap between where you are and where you aim to be.

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How Uncertainty Kills Your Productivity

There’s a thief lurking in the shadows of your mind.

He’ll never break into your home or rob you at gunpoint. He just waits for you to invite him in. He stands beside you in broad daylight, quietly siphoning away your motivation, creativity, and drive. 

His favorite mark? Entrepreneurs who take destiny into their own hands.

He targets people with enough talent to drive progress by the sheer power of their will. Anyone smart enough to have multiple options for building an empire, creating from scratch, or blazing new trails one step at a time.

Your enemy is uncertainty. He is the thief in the night. The killer of dreams. The kryptonite that drains your powers of productivity.


A Sudden Burst of Productivity

Have you ever experienced a burst of productivity and effortless focus? Did you ride the wave of creative synthesis, sidestepping hurdles at breakneck speeds?

For a moment, you held in your hands the two active ingredients of peak productivity. Clear goals...

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Considering a Business Partner? Farsighted Warnings and Principles for Success

The health of business partner relationships can make or break a business.

Most of the time, your business partnership begins full of optimism. You have hopes for building a wildly successful business and you see many possibilities.

However, there will always be ups and downs in business and this is where those partnerships are truly tested. It’s effortless to work harmoniously while things are going well, but business or personal challenges can cause relationship strain.

It's easy to find examples of very public falling-outs between business partners. In fact, data suggests the business partner “divorce rate” is as high as 80%! 

Ideally, you don’t want to be in a position where there are “irreconcilable differences,” so it’s important to work on building healthy partnerships in the first place.

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What makes a “healthy” business partnership?

Talk to any...

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