Simplify to Amplify: How Reducing Complexity Increases Reliability


Here’s yet another reason why “more” is not always better.

In any system (your business included), each added component chips away at your system's reliability.

This week's productivity video dives into why "Complexity Reduces Reliability," a principle Elon Musk swears by.

If your product is a finely tuned watch, each additional gear may offer a new feature, but it also introduces another point of failure. By questioning each requirement and stripping away the non-essentials, you forge a more robust, faster, and reliable system—which makes it easier to scale.

Think about that for a moment. Then click here to watch the video and practice the art of simplification with me.

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Should You Promote From Within or Hire New Talent?


Here’s a common decision you’ll face when your business is growing fast and adding new roles to accommodate that growth. Is it better to promote from within or hire new talent for a new role?

It's an important decision that can significantly impact your team's efficiency. So today I’ll share a strategy that helps you make this decision while saving time and maintaining flexibility.

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The Hiring Dilemma: Buy Time or Buy Speed?


This week's video grapples with a question every entrepreneur eventually faces: When you're hiring, should you buy back your own time or ramp up business growth? 

It's a nuanced dilemma—like choosing between upgrading the engine versus the handling in a race car.

Both are essential, but which one needs your attention first? If you're revved up and ready to shift your business into the next gear, you won't want to miss this week’s insights.

The answer may surprise you, and it'll certainly make you think before you make your next hiring decision.

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