Supercharge Your Productivity with the Lucrative Elimination Method

How Entrepreneurs Increase Profit and Scale Faster with the Art of Ruthless Elimination

Life is different for entrepreneurs. We don’t get paid for just showing up. 

We can spend a whole week working hard, head down, diligently pursuing an endless list of tasks, only to find ourselves more behind, overwhelmed, and in the hole than when we started. 

Now, as an entrepreneur, you know we don’t do this on purpose. If you’re like me, you hate spending time away from hobbies, friends, and family without having anything to show for it. 

So why does this happen so often? As a psychologist and productivity coach for entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed one culprit that sneaks in, starts small, and gradually sucks the life, energy, and joy out of the entrepreneurial journey. 

If you want to build your business, you must learn to recognize this time-wasting thief before it’s too late.


The Relentless Power of Entropy

In physics they talk about a...

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