Peak Performance for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

(...who don't always feel relaxed and confident)



The Missing Link to Master Your Motivation, Energy, and Drive


Want to feel the power of enhanced confidence in business?

Then join our group led by psychologist and peak productivity coach, Dr. Todd Snyder.

Something interesting happens when you spend time with a group of entrepreneurs gathered around a central purpose like peak productivity...

You begin to experience the effects of automatic influence. 

Here's the not-so-secret "mechanism of action" in the human mind that we're leveraging in our favor:

Whatever gets your attention improves. 

This group is for business owners who recognize their own mood, mindset, and motivation as the bedrock foundation for their success in business. By paying attention to your own mood and mindset, you'll unlock more energy. 

Productivity takes a nose-dive when stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, or setbacks sap your energy and drive. That's why you need a weekly tuneup to ensure your mood and mindset support your mission.

If what gets your attention controls your daily experience in life, doesn't it make sense to lock in a weekly appointment to upgrade your inner game? We specifically work on the unique challenges of entrepreneurship with training and group discussion designed to unlock your potential while supporting your goals.

Horizontal coaching is about the mechanics for getting from point A to point B. Vertical coaching is about transforming what's happening on the inside with shifts in your mindset, mentality, assumptions, focus, and beliefs. In this group, we use the vertical-dimensions of coaching to bring about horizontal-level results. 

To keep the level of personal interaction high, this group is limited to a very small number of members. So if this is something you value, join now while seats are available.  





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Who is Todd Snyder?

Dr. Snyder helps ambitious entrepreneurs with the inner game of peak productivity.

He is a psychologist and business strategist working with business owners who want to take back control of their time and get stuff done in an age of overwhelm and distraction.

To learn more about Dr. Snyder and his methods visit the About Dr. Snyder page.

Why Should You Join the Group?

Monthly One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Enjoy monthly one-on-one private strategy and planning sessions tailored to your unique needs. Dive deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations with dedicated attention from Dr. Snyder to create a roadmap for success.

Weekly Accountability & Open Office Hours

Gain access to weekly accountability sessions and open office hours for implementation support. Stay on track with your goals and get personalized guidance when you need it most.


Asynchronous Voice Message Coaching

Receive asynchronous voice message coaching throughout the week, allowing you to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive feedback on your progress at your own pace and convenience.

Meet Some Members


This is For...

  • The entrepreneur who sees productivity coaching as a feedback loop for creating automatic improvement over time
  • The professional who thinks long-term and sees their business as an asset worth investing in
  • Humble business owners committed to pursuing big goals and willing to be authentic about the struggles involved

This is NOT For...

  • Entrepreneurs who want a place to brag about success or act like they never have a bad day
  • The wannabe entrepreneur who has a cool idea but no revenue or time in the trenches
  • The business owner who will not readily admit and own their times of stress, overwhelm, or uncertainty


Join the Lucrative Elimination Success System (LESS)  for Entrepreneurs. 

To see if you’re a good match for the group, answer a few questions on the application below. 

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"As a business owner, one of the things I think about all the time is "return on investment"; does my investment of time and money produce profits above cost? Some investments produce sub-par returns others are huge winners. Investing time and money with Todd Snyder is definitively a winning investment for me. He has a deep understanding of business and personal psychology - a rare combination. He has helped me with mindset, strategy, tactics, hiring, firing... I can't recommend him enough for business coaching."

Dan D.
Business Owner, South Carolina

"Todd has helped me approach work more effectively by guiding me to focus on my long-term and immediate goals, set aside the emotional charge (pressure, fear of failure), and think strategically about my my to-do list, the time I have, and new tools and resources that I can utilize. His calm and level-headed advice is easy to implement, and I started forming new habits almost instantaneously. I am confident that these new habits will serve me in every area of my life. I wish I could have worked with him years ago!"

~ Jennifer S.
Real Estate Portfolio Owner, California

"I am a CPA, CA who was struggling with growing my business and managing my time. Dr Snyder has been instrumental in helping me overcome challenges of time management, anxiety, and focus. Dr Snyder provides actionable practical strategies which have allowed me to overcome productivity challenges that I was facing when I started working with him. He is a detail oriented coach who is able to pinpoint and put words on the issues I was facing, which brought clarity, defined the issue and helped me address them. With his help, in a short period of 3 months I was able to increase my top line revenue by over 80%. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend his services."

Purvish S.
Owner - Adian Professional Corporation

Included With Your Subscription

  • Monthly group productivity training on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Central time
  • Support from¬†an accountability group of fast-moving¬†entrepreneurs¬†
  • Mental templates and decision strategy training to collapse the time it takes to reach your goals¬†
  • ¬†Coaching on questions about personnel decisions, business partnerships, and all things productivity
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