(when it's complicated)




Figure out what's really at stake

Why are some decisions so hard? Sometimes it's because there's more at stake than meets the eye. If you feel hesitant about accepting any of the options in front of you, there's a reason for that. Figure out what your emotions and intuition are telling you.




Reduce Confusion

Before you get bogged down analyzing the factors involved in your decision, it's important to figure out what you really REALLY want. Because the moment you determine that, everything becomes a bit less confusing. 




Accept The Challenge


Set aside the necessary time and energy to bring your full focus to this challenge. Don’t try to make your most important life decisions in two-minute increments between other activities that repeatedly interrupt your thoughts.




Get Serious About The Discovery Process

This is the step where I help you generate new options you many not have considered before. The most common mistake during decision making is a narrow mental framework. 




Acknowledge The Unknowns

It's important to accept that there are certain things you cannot predict. Figuring out what those things are will actually strengthen your decision-making process.




Map Out The Future

Don’t try to hold all the variables in your head.
Get them down on paper. Each time there is an unknown
variable, you have to create a fork in the road and map out
additional possible outcomes.
This process enables you to create a story.
Because the mind processes data better in story form, this helps you imagine each possible future outcome.




Put The Odds In Your Favor

As you try to peer into the future, learning about “base rates” can help. Base rates are statistical probabilities that help you predict the likelihood of various future outcomes.




Consider Linked Decisions

Examining linked decisions protects you from creating unanticipated regrets. 

What options will open or close for seemingly unrelated future decisions as a result of the decision option you choose right now?




Hedge Against Risk

Look at how things could go wrong, and create a plan B before you need it. Decide in advance how you will deal with a decision that proves to be the wrong one. This process helps you to recognize that some options are less risky than they originally appeared once you consider Plan B methods for handling unknown outcomes.




Talk It Over

You’ll feel less stressed when you set aside time to process all your thoughts and mixed emotions. I’m already rooting for you to succeed, but I’d love to come along side you and offer some support. I’ll bring the best of my knowledge, insights, and systems to guide you toward well-being and happiness as you design your future, one decision at a time.


Would you like me to guide you through a systematic process for thinking about your options? Then get in touch. Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation about the decision you've been wrestling with.

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Dr. Todd Snyder

Psychologist | Career Decision Coach


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