Why Entrepreneurs Get Bored And Stop Improving


Do you ever pursue new business ideas just to escape boredom?

You’re not alone in that. Once you succeed with an endeavor, a common misstep is to start looking for something new… not because it will bring more profit, but because it allows you to escape boredom.


… Because it allows you to effortlessly recapture the motivation you felt when first started. Why? Because trying to crack a new business model allows you to fall naturally into a flow state induced by a new challenge.

Look, I get it. It’s easier to follow the path of effortless motivation. But this is not for you. You will rise above average, and do something extraordinary.

In this week's micro-challenge video, we'll explore a concept you can use to instantly boost your own peak performance (and the performance of your team). We can reawaken flow states without hopping from one business idea to the next.

My goal is to accelerate you toward escape velocity, so you can escape the gravitational pull of the “average” black hole. Step one? You have to spot the black hole and learn to keep it on your radar so you can avoid it. Let’s do that now.


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